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one-of-a-kind art for your one-of-a-kind space

    Abstract-Neon Checkered Together

    by CBakeArt LLC

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    This 12 x 18 inch acrylic painting is done on two canvas panels that are each 12 x 9 inches. The space of the canvas explores the organic and geometric shapes overlapping to create a dynamic and active painting. The use of greens and reds make the other one pop due to the contrasting colors. There are areas with little white dots and little white stars. Each artwork is available for purchase as an individual, or you can purchase them as a set. The design does go from one canvas on to the next, creating a connected design.*

    *Each artwork will slightly vary in appearance in person compared to the colors in the photo. Every artwork is done by the Artist, Claire Baker. For questions, concerns, commissions, or any other inquires email us at: