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one-of-a-kind art for your one-of-a-kind space

    Groovy Square Group

    by CBakeArt LLC

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     These 4 inch by 4 inch acrylic paintings are done on canvas panels. The images depicted are those of bright colored body parts, a magic 8 ball and a disco ball. All of these works have similar colors for their backgrounds, then use bright different colors for each focal point. The bright colors are used to bring energy and groovy aesthetics to each piece. The works can be kept as a set or individually. (Once one is individual, the option to keep them as a set is no longer an option) Whether you love the hands or the disco ball, there is one here that will bring you joy and brightness to your space.*

    *Each artwork will slightly vary in appearance in person compared to the colors in the photo. Every artwork is done by the Artist, Claire Baker. For questions, concerns, commissions, or any other inquires email us at: