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Monkey Under the Net

Monkey Under the Net

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This 16 inch by 12 inch oil painting is done on high quality canvas paper. The background consists of a cream and beige netting that surrounds the focal point. The focal point of the painting is a monkey statue sitting on a round earthy toned pillow. The pillow has triangular pieces of fabric that range in color come to meet at a point that is secured with a green fabric colored button. The monkey sits to the right of the button and is holding a glass sphere that contains different shimmering colors swirled all together. The monkey appears to be entranced by the colors and stares deeply into it. The netting comes to the front on the left side, distorting the way the pillow looks through the net.*

*Each artwork will slightly vary in appearance in person compared to the colors in the photo. Every artwork is done by the Artist, Claire Baker. For questions, concerns, commissions, or any other inquires email us at:

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