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one-of-a-kind art for your one-of-a-kind space

    My Eye

    by CBakeArt LLC

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    This 11 inch by 14 inch acrylic painting is done on stretched canvas. The image painted is my own eye. There are shadows and creases shown around the eye. The waterline around the eye looks wet like it would be in real life. The eyelashes are black and exaggerated to create a more open feel to the eye. The iris is almost all visible with different colors of blue shown. You can almost see all of the iris, showing that the eye is wide open. The pupil is relatively normal sized and there are reflections of light shown all over the eye, creating a wet or glossy look. There should be a feeling evoked from the way the eye feels so open.*

    *Each artwork will slightly vary in appearance in person compared to the colors in the photo. Every artwork is done by the Artist, Claire Baker. For questions, concerns, commissions, or any other inquires email us at: